What Is TAD?

“The Anthropocene Dashboard,” is an attempt to gather important metrics of the global geophysical changes that characterize the Anthropocene and put them in one place.  

There is an overwhelmingly large amount of data, charts, reports, papers, etc discussing global geophysical changes.  However, there isn’t a single location where a layperson, or even a more knowledgeable individual can easily find basic biogeophysical data on the Anthropocene. My goal is to try to categorize important types of data that represent these changes and then present them, with links to the original data sources or papers. I’ve been motivated to do this during the last few years, as I have worked on the class I offer at Central Connecticut State University.  It’s called “Human Impacts,” and is framed around the Anthropocene.  It has been challenging to find the materials needed for the course, because they are located in so many different websites and journals. Hopefully the TAD makes it easier for both students and others interested in the Anthropocene to find the material they need.